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British P.M. Stuns Commonwealth With Unexpected Announcement: ‘Charles To Become King’

November 13, 2018

Much speculation has been bandied about over the last few years as to whether or not Prince Charles, next in line to the Throne, will actually be permitted to accede to the position.

The Prince of Wales has fallen out of favor with much of the public, due in part to his unpopular marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles. Consequently, cries for William to become King, stepping over his father, have been heard throughout the Kingdom.

Many people have speculated that one of the reasons Queen Elizabeth is still serving (and has not retired) is to give the public time to grow fond of Camilla and to accept her as the future 'Queen' of the land.

(Photo below: The Prince of Wales and Camilla during the 1970s)

It appears that public opinion will not carry any weight in the determination of just who will be the next Monarch of Britain. Theresa May, British Prime Minister made a stunning announcement about the line of succession and it’s not what anyone expected to hear her say.

According to a spokesman for May, “Britain backs Queen Elizabeth’s son and heir, Prince Charles, to succeed her as head of the Commonwealth network of 53 mostly former British colonies.”

He went on to clarify why there is no question as to who will succeed Queen Elizabeth, “The UK supports the Prince of Wales as the next head of the Commonwealth. He has been a proud supporter of the Commonwealth for more than four decades and has spoken passionately about the organization’s unique diversity.

“Succession is a matter for the Commonwealth as a whole to determine,” the spokesman emphasized.

I don’t know about you, but for some reason, this surprised me. I thought succession to the Throne was simply a matter of birth position. I had no idea that the Commonwealth nations had anything to say on the matter.

I suppose it would be important if there were some huge scandal that threatened to tarnish the name of the Royal Family, and they would be able to “impeach” the assumed heir to the throne in favor of the person next in line.

Lest it slips your mind just how long Prince Charles has been “in waiting” to finally receive his birthright, check out the video, below.


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