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Pack Of Vicious Hungry Wolves Trap Little Dog For Their Next Meal: Certain Death Awaits

February 22, 2018

In a little town near the edge of the woods in Italy, a pack of ferocious wolves has trapped a small fluffy dog. The camera pans back and forth as the little pup races through the snow trying desperately to maneuver away from the sharp vicious fangs and bloodthirsty eyes of the pack leader.

Unfortunately, this poor dog can only do so much. It’s trapped on one side by a never-ending barbed-wire fence and the wolf pack on the other.

This pack is hungry, and it’s doubtful that anything will deter their desire. Wolves are known for their pack hunting and ability to take down much larger prey. Even large moose and deer are susceptible to their unwavering desire for food.

The deep snow is also problematic for the little dog. It’s legs sink into the deep blanket covering the ground like a soft comforter spread over a massive bed. It’s unfortunate, but survival of the fittest rules the wild.

The situation grows even bleaker as the pack leader lunges and nearly takes a bite! The dog in return bites back, it’s little jaw no match for the massive hunter only inches behind him.

Then, suddenly, as if an angel provided supernatural abilities to this terrified dog, it makes a flying leap through a small gap in the fence! It’s back legs slightly touch one of the wires violently spinning the puppy in the opposite direction onto the other side of the fence as he lands in a full sprint away from certain death.

The entire wolf pack is stunned. Their easy meal has suddenly made the most amazing escape and they can not follow him. This puppy is going home!

Be sure to watch the video below to see this little dog in action as he makes his great escape! 


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