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Paddington’s Life Was Full Of Fear. Luckily For Him, Rescuers Refused To Give Up

February 19, 2018

Paddington is a sweet and loving little dog who wanted nothing more from life than to be a beloved family pet. Unfortunately for Paddington, his life didn’t start out that way for him, at least not in the middle. With the help of a caring rescue, he’s been able to overcome the horrible time that was the middle of his life.

As a young pup, Paddington lived with a family who loved him. He spent his days with his family, being loved and treated like the pup he had always dreamed of being. Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, he soon found himself abandoned and living alone on the streets.

Paddington was having a hard time living on the street, struggling to survive as his own. He was forced to scrounge for food among the trash, hoping to find enough food to live a long and happy life. He was always searching for a new place to sleep, hoping to find somewhere safe to curl up in the depths of night.

When Hope For Paws heard about Paddington’s problem, they knew they had to help him. When they arrived in the neighborhood he was calling his home, he set off at a run. Following the directions of the neighbors, they were able to follow him as he entered a yard.

They began to secure the yard with netting and little fences, sending him scampering into the back corner of the yard. After cornering him, they were able to slip a gentle snare around him, ensuring his safety. Once they had him safely captured, it was time to take him away from his horrid, lonely life.

They were forced to shave him down, removing all of the mats from his fur. Mats are horribly painful for dogs, it feels like having a ponytail pulled too tight that they can’t do anything about, so he was surely relieved when he was shaved. Once he was healthy again, he was able to go on to a foster home where he is now awaiting his forever home.