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Paddle Boarder Certainly Wasn’t Expecting To Be Attacked By A Giant Squid When He Brought In His Line

February 14, 2018

When James Taylor went out for a paddleboarding trip on a warm summer afternoon, he never expected to come face-to-face with a giant squid. We’re just grateful that someone was around to record it for everyone to see.

Like he always did, James tied a long yellow rope to the paddle board and let it dangle down into the water. James enjoyed free diving down into the water, and he used the rope to find his way back to the paddle board when he was done.

Unfortunately, a giant squid managed to get himself wrapped up in the rope and tangled up enough that he could not get himself free. James wasn’t sure what was tangled up in his rope, but he knew he had to free it so he began to hoist the rope up to him so that he could free the creature.

As the giant squad drew closer, James realized what he was up against and knew he had to work carefully. Squids have been known to kill humans by dragging them down deep under the ocean’s waves to their deaths. The squid began to grab onto the paddle board like the Kraken does in so many myths and stories.

At first, James attempts to avoid the giant squid and ends up diving off of the paddle board, only to climb back up on top. As he settles himself back on top of the board, the squid takes hold of it again, getting a better grasp this time.

Although the video cut off before he managed to free the squid, the squid was quickly, and carefully freed from its rope binds to become a wild and free creature once more. Thankfully, this is one giant squid encounter that seems to have ended well for everyone.