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Meghan’s Nightmare Coming To An End As Palace Settles On Plan To Stop Dad’s ‘Media Rampage’ - But Is It Already Too Late?

August 08, 2018

As anyone who follows Britain’s Royal Family undoubtedly knows, the new Duchess of Sussex has quite a dilemma on her hands. As she made her transition to life in England with her new husband, Prince Harry, she has had a difficult time working out how to deal with shenanigans undertaken by her American family - namely her half-sister Samantha Grant, and her dad, Thomas Markle, Sr.

Both have gone to the press to express their unhappiness with not only how Meghan has handled her May 19th wedding but also her general attitude toward them.

The relatives say they are hurt and bewildered by the lack of communication from Meghan. At times, they have been harsh and unforgiving for how they feel the Royals have treated them.

Now palace officials have reportedly worked out a solution to the ongoing drama, and everyone is praying that it’s not too late to stem the tide of vitriol coming from across the Atlantic.

The Times is reporting, “The Duchess of Sussex looked happy and relaxed as she celebrated her 37th birthday last week at the Surrey wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee, one of her husband’s closest friends, and Daisy Jenks.

“The Duchess’s high spirits may have been due in part to signs that the saga of her garrulous father and his embarrassing outbursts is on the way to being resolved."

Business Insider reports, “Advisers to Prince Harry and Meghan are trying to reestablish relations with Thomas Markle to ‘get Dad on board,’ The Sunday Times reported, citing a former royal adviser."

A source told the Daily Mirror that Meghan was "deeply hurt by what is happening," and the report said the royal household had held multiple crisis meetings on how to silence him, and it appears they have finally settled on a plan of action.

Two of the palace’s solutions involve cutting Mr. Markle out completely, but it appears that a more compassionate approach will be adopted.

A royal source has said, “They said three options were currently on the table to deal with the 'precarious' situation: Meghan contacting her father directly, arranging for an intermediary to meet with him, or for the Duchess to 'cut him off completely in the hope he will stop’.”

“It's not clear from the Sunday Times report whether Thomas would be speaking to royal advisers or directly to his daughter and son-in-law. He previously claimed that he had been frozen out by the royal family and that his direct line to Kensington Palace, where Meghan and Harry live, was disconnected."

Another former royal aide said: "Perhaps a lot of these outbursts are just because the media is trying to talk to [Thomas] and maybe he is not good at saying no. He's not living in a castle, so it isn't hard for anyone to find him ... It looks so bad not to be in contact with him in some way. It's simply not a very elegant solution to cut him off and ignore him."

"It may be more important to show him some respect," the aide added.

Wise words…Looking back, it seems it would have been smart to just include Meghan's relatives in the wedding and to have embraced them and welcomed them into the fold.

Unfortunately, there’s no going back - but perhaps there is still time to salvage this whole situation. And we certainly hope that it happens before the babies start coming - after all, everyone will want to be in THEIR lives!

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