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Royal Palace Rips The Rug Out From Under Harry And Meghan - Now, They’re Scrambling To Urgently Cover Their Tracks

April 30, 2019

The world famous Duke and Duchess of Sussex are front and center of the news - as usual - and this time, it’s not any fault of their own.


From the moment that Harry and Meghan announced they would be welcoming their first child into the world, fans across the globe have been sitting on pins and needles until the long-awaited due date arrived.


In typical royal-like fashion, they kept all the details regarding the pregnancy, due date, and birth extremely vague, leaving imaginations to run wild. All we had been told was that the Duchess was due in Spring of 2019. Many believed that April would be the month that would bring the baby and some sources claim that the little one has already arrived!


Both Harry and Meghan have done a very good job of keeping tight-lipped regarding the gender and name of their child, leaving no clues behind. Unfortunately, some didn’t quite get the hint and decided to tell some of the news for them.


Recently, it was discovered that the Royal Family Website had already begun to gear up for the newest little member to the family. Unfortunately, they completely stole the new parents’ thunder on this one.

Some dedicated fans diligently researched and discovered that the website already had three pages in place for the baby - all the same gender but three different names depending on the final selection of the parents.


If you guessed the baby was a boy, you’re RIGHT! All three reserved pages (none of which are public but have remained private until time to officially release) were names of little princes: Arthur, Alexander, and James.


The researching confirmed the gender because they went on to state that there were no reserved pages for any princesses, leaving us to conclude it was, in fact, a baby boy.


Only time will tell just which name they will select but I feel like we’ll be seeing him much sooner than later! What do you think they chose for the final name? Arthur, Alexander, or James?

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