Panda Surprises China When She Gives Birth To Rare Set Of Twins. The Cubs Are Something Extraordinary To See

October 02, 2017

“It's black; it’s white, Nah Nah Nah” it's a Panda Bear... times 2. Who doesn't love Panda Bears? This rare pair of Panda twins Ai Hin (female) & Mei Hin (male) were born December 23, 2006, in, Wakayama, Japan.

Their mother, Mei Mei, shocked everyone when she gave birth to these two cuties. Even their father Ei Mei was surprised. The two parents are part of the Giant Panda Breeding program based outside Chengdu, China. The twins are the last babies for their mom, Mei Mei.

These Pandas have grown a lot in the last 11 years. Today these twins are happy and enjoying life in separate habitats. Ai Hin gave birth to her own offspring in 2014. She had what they called a 'phantom pregnancy' before she gave birth to her first cub, a healthy male. Watch the video, below, and see these two back in '06 with their mom.

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