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Little Alfie Evans Clings To Life As Court Order To Shut Off Life Support Is Carried Out - Against Parents' Wishes. A Miracle Is His Only Hope Now

April 16, 2018

The story is truly a sad one. A baby was admitted to the hospital before his first birthday and has remained in a coma for over a year without a certain diagnosis ever being given.

You can imagine the anguish of the parents when they were told that doctors are ready to give up on their boy, and may now cease any and all treatments, essentially signing the little guy's death warrant.

That's the bitter reality for the family of little Alfie Evans from Liverpool, England who have watched their 23-month-old son languish in a coma for over a year - their pain intensified by the inability of doctors to diagnose the baby's condition, thereby preventing any worthwhile treatment from being undertaken.

Now, in a heartbreaking decision, a judge has ruled in favor of the Alder Hey Hospital and its doctors who want to remove the comatose toddler from medical life support, stating that the sick tot "could not be saved."

"Lord Justice Moylan said that it was wrong for Alfie's parents to say that their own views trumped the best interests of the child."

Parents Kate and Tom disagree, claiming that just because the doctors at this hospital cannot figure out what is wrong with the boy, doesn't mean he should be sentenced to die. The parents have made arrangements for their boy to be transported to a hospital in Rome where specialists are standing by to take over Alfie's care.

In addition, they have pursued the legal route and removed authority for their son's care from the doctor and hospital, yet police were called to try to stop them from removing their baby and taking him to the other hospital.

All they want is a chance to do everything in their power to save their baby but it seems the law is not going to make that easy. They believe it is cruel of the judge and the doctors to promote the idea that Alfie isn't worth saving and simply ask for a proper diagnosis.

According to The Daily Star, "the little boy was first admitted to Alder Hey on 14 December 2016 suffering seizures and has been at the hospital ever since.

"Police have increased security at the children's hospital in Liverpool in fear of angry protests from the parent's supporters, who have dubbed themselves 'Alfie's Army.'"

In the emotional video, below, Alfie's father, Tom Evans, pleads his case and documents the actions of the hospital in response to the judge's order.


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