Parents Record Their Newborn Son’s First Impression Of Seeing His Cat After A Nap. Now 9 Million People Are Gushing Over This Baby Boy’s Hilarious Reaction

October 27, 2017

One of my favorite things to do is to search for videos of cute babies. I absolutely love babies; for them, everything is a new and exciting experience. I tend to think we can all learn a lot from babies and children; they never take anything for granted, and every experience is a lesson learned.

On a day like any other, little baby Jack is getting ready to wake up from his nap. His parents want to record their son’s very first impression after waking up from a nap and they think “What about the Lady!” Lady is their cat and Jack loves Lady!

Jack, an 11-month-old boy, spends his days playing hard. Like most baby boys, Jack plays fearlessly from the moment he wakes up until the moment he lays his head on the mattress. Jack’s parents have their hands full with their little “Carpe Diem” baby. That is, until he naps. Naps are short (and appreciated) as Jack’s energy is practically constant. On this day, though, his parents can’t wait for Jack to wake up! As the slumbering babe awakens from his daily nap, his parents are standing by, ready to capture what is sure to be an adorable reaction to a big surprise.

Being an excitable little boy, Jack’s big reaction turns out to be far more precious than anyone could have predicted. First, he sees his kitty - and he lights up with the biggest grin (Isn’t he just the cutest?!).

Jack’s dad has barely started rolling the camera when his mom walks into the room with Lady. Almost instantly, Jack notices his partner-in-crime and starts squealing with joyous exhilaration. His reaction is entirely delightful and just as expected, Jack is up-and-at-’em, eager and ready to take on the second part of his day with pizazz!


Jack is so excited! He wiggles his little arms and squeals like he’s never been happier! Lady responds a little bit differently; she looks down at the wiggly baby and just stares. And that’s about it, ha! Clearly, Jack is having more fun. 

Jack’s daily routine is simple: eat, sleep, play, poop, repeat. His days are made more exciting with the company of his two best friends: his bigger sister, Sadie, and their family cat, Lady. Together, these three have one heck of a good time spending the days making messes and making memories. The parents of Jack and Sadie say that the only time the house is quiet is when Jack and Sadie take their afternoon naps. However, due to his constant energy, Jack’s naps tend to be short and end very abruptly.

I’m definitely taking a page from Jack’s book because I surely don’t wake up with that kind of excitement after a nap. Check out Baby Jack’s reaction here when he wakes up to his bestie kitty- it’s absolutely adorable!

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