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Parents Scream In Horror As Killer Whales Swim Right Toward Their Unsuspecting Children - You'll Cringe When You Witness What Happens Next

March 23, 2018

It was supposed to be a vacation of a lifetime. The family is visiting Waiheke Island in New Zealand and the children are out in the warm waters of the bay, splashing around, giggling, and having a fabulous time. Then, in a matter of moments, everything changes . . . The parents are onshore and notice something that the children can't possibly see, and it stops them cold when they realize what it is.

Off in the distance, and heading directly toward where the kids are playing, they spot the unmistakable silhouette of two dorsal fins belonging to what have to be Killer Whales! Stunned and at a loss for what they can possibly do, the adults watch in horror as their children get closer and closer to the unthinkable.

As the mammals continue on their trajectory, there is no doubt in their minds that the kids are in their direct path and there will be no escape for the poor siblings.

At this sad point, the parents are beside themselves with fear; there is little else they can do except to yell at the kids at the top of their lungs. And they are quite clear about what they want the youngsters to do: "Stay calm!" and "Don't move!!"

And the kids do their best to comply, in spite of being scared to death. Just as it seems the children's fate is sealed, something unbelievable and unexpected happens.

To everyone's complete and utter astonishment, the whales continue on their straight path, passing the quaking youngsters, not even noticing the two terrified children who have been preparing for the worst.

The pair of marine mammals continues on their journey without so much as a passing thought about what the kids must have gone through.

Once it becomes clear that the children are out of harm's way, the parents breathe a sigh of relief and, for no apparent reason, become philosophical.

The parents instantly change their tune, and tell the kids that they have just had "a once in a lifetime experience."

Sorry to point out the obvious - but if, God forbid, the situation had turned out the other way - it still would have been a once in a lifetime experience . . .

I guess there's no accounting for what people do when they have just experienced an intensely emotional and stressful encounter!

To see this short but intense experience, watch the video, below.

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