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Parents Welcome First-Born Son. The Moment He’s Born, The Family Makes An Unbelievably Startling Realization About His Date Of Birth

September 14, 2017

The moment a child enters the world is an incredibly joyous one. Family members gather around, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the littlest blessing. They check in frequently, wanting to know the exact moment of his or her first breath. The parents are equally excited! After waiting nine long months, the time to finally look upon the face of the tiny human they created, is finally here. Will he have Mom’s eyes and Dad’s nose?

As soon as they lay eyes on him, the tiny baby is more perfect than they ever could have dreamt. His features are undeniably beautiful and the family members can’t seem to take their eyes off of their sweet child. Yes, the day a baby is born is a day that changes lives forever. This cute little one is no exception.

Meet Beauden Matthew James Eppard, born July 1, 2017. He is the first-son born of Jordan and Connor Eppard. Any day that a child is born is special but his birthday, in particular, places him within a very small percentile of the human population. He was born 17 days earlier than expected but the most surprising and thrilling part of all was that he just so happened to be born on both his father’s and great grandfather’s birthday! The chances of this occurring are next to none. When he’s a grown man and becomes a father, maybe he can carry forward this shared birthday tradition, and maintain it for future generations!

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