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Park Rangers Heard A Strange Noise While On Patrol. When They Found Out What It Was They Knew They Had To Help

May 16, 2017

When life hands us a difficult situation, there are two options presented to us. We can either ignore the problem and hope it works itself out or we can face the problem head on and be part of the solution. This is especially true when it comes to helping animals. Instead of ignoring the problem of animal abuse, many people step up and offer the best help they can. That is most certainly true of the park rangers in this story.

One day, in Kansas City, park rangers were on patrol in Longview Lake Park. The day was going well, with nothing out of the ordinary to speak of, when one of the rangers stopped in his tracks. The other rangers on patrol with him turned around and stared in confusion. Why had he stopped?

The ranger seemed to be listening for something. He paced back and forth as if trying to find the source of some unknown noise. The other rangers strained their ears, trying to hear what the first ranger was listening for. Then, sure enough, all of the rangers heard a strange noise.

The noise came from a long way off so the rangers set off at a brisk pace in order to find the source of the noise. The closer they got, the more familair the noise became to the rangers. They quickened their pace because they all seemed to understand what the noises were.

The noises were the unmistakable cries of a dog. The rangers had to go off the beaten path in order to get to where the cries were coming from. After a lot of careful searching and listening the rangers finally found what they had been looking for and the situation was worse than they had anticipated.

The rangers came upon a dog in the middle of a swampy area, near the water. Longview Lake Park was over 4,000 acres of land so it was a miracle that the rangers were able to find the dog. The reason the dog was crying for help was evident to the rangers. The pup had been tied to a cinder block and left behind.

The dog was covered in mud and was shivering. The cinder block was so heavy that it had begun to sink deeper into the mud around the dog. The rangers knew they had to work quickly if they were going to save the dog so they immediately jumped into action. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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