Parrot Hears Family Bring Home New Baby, Within Days He Picked Up A New Sound That Shocked Everyone

August 09, 2017

Parrots may be one of the most entertaining animals on the planet. If you are anything like me, you could probably spend hours talking to the colorful birds and trying to get them to say new words. It is their tendency to repeat and mimic things, however, that can lead parrots to pick up some less than desirable noises and phrases. That seems to be the case with the parrot in this story when he met his family's new baby. Trust me, when you hear it, you'll sympathize with the new parents.

One day, a family parrot was waiting in his cage for his family to come home. He had heard the news that they went to the hospital to welcome a new baby into the world so he was also anxious to meet the new addition to the family. After a few days of waiting, the parrot, finally, saw his family pull up to the house. Within moments the door opened and in came the parrots family with the new baby. The parrot saw how cute the baby was but also heard a new noise. The baby's crying. Leave it to the parrot to key in on the one thing no parent wants to hear more of.

Within a couple of days, the parents noticed a rather annoying new sound the bird had developed. Instead of one baby crying, there was now two. The parrot had, apparently, found it appropriate to mimic the baby's crying noises and I have to say, it is uncanny how human like he sounds. I can only imagine when the family got one baby to stop crying, they inevitably heard the other "baby" in the next room. The family didn't know they would be taking care of two newborns for the foreseeable future! Watch the video below to hear the parrot's uncanny impression of the new baby.

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