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While Dining Out, Man Orders A Plate Of Delectable Seafood. Little Did He Know That He’d Walk Away With A Thousand-Dollar Souvenir

December 20, 2018

There’s nothing better than finishing a long day with a trip out to a nice restaurant. Having someone else delicately prepare your meal is nothing short of a blessing if you ask me.


With all of the hustle and bustle of daily living, it’s often quite difficult to find time to prepare nice meals at home on a regular basis.

Recently, one man named Richard Antosh decided to treat himself to a night out by enjoying a pre-Christmas meal at the famed restaurant, Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.


While he was dining, he could never have anticipated the night to turn out as it did. He walked away with a full, satisfied tummy and a prize worth thousands of dollars. Talk about hitting the dinnertime jackpot!

As Antosh was digging into his tasty oysters, he felt a pain in his mouth. “I just all of a sudden felt something like a tooth or a filling and it’s terrifying,” he told sources.


Little did he know he was drastically off on his guesstimate! Once he was able to remove the foreign object from his mouth, he was utterly speechless at the discovery. “...And then holy crap, I realized it’s not a tooth, it’s a pearl!”

Upon further investigation, this was definitely worth some cold, hard cash. DSL Pearl’s owner Eddie Livi gave his appraisal based on the image of the pearl. “Value is based on luster, clarity, and roundness. It’s not very round and has a black spot that may or may not be removable.”


Livi continued, “[For] something in this condition, a dealer who really wants it, ballpark, may pay $2,000 to $4,000.”

Wow, talk about a dinnertime miracle! This type of occurrence is very unlikely and rare, and Antosh later called the restaurant to tell them about his discovery. While talking on the phone, he realized just how rare the situation truly was.


Executive chef Sandy Ingber said, “I’ve been here 28 years. This is only the second time I’ve seen this happen. And we sell over 5,000 oysters on the half shell every day. It’s extremely rare, so that makes it interesting and exciting.”


This just goes to show that if you partake in a bit of oyster eating, if you’re really lucky, you just might walk away a couple thousand dollars richer!

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