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Pedophile Faces Only 2 Years For Committing Heinous Crime Against A Four Year Old

March 21, 2018

John Barbour, a 52-year-old father of four, is finally being forced to face the crimes he committed against a helpless four-year-old girl. From August 1984 to December 1986, Barbour assaulted a four-year-old girl repeatedly, including the day before she very first went to school. His victim is now 38-years-old and has had to deal with the repercussions of his actions ever since.

She has suffered from multiple trust issues, and both of her marriages have failed because she couldn’t face the “physical side of marriage.” She has severe anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks. She doesn’t even leave the house unless it’s for a doctor appointment. Her life was destroyed by the actions of Barbour, so she was relieved when he was finally charged with rape and two counts of indecency.

Unfortunately, Barbour was only sentenced to four-years. In two years, Barbour will be eligible for parole and he will be able to walk free among the world, a threat to other children. His victim’s entire life has been destroyed by his actions, and it seems that she won’t even be given the chance to see justice.

This is a horrible story, and we know that sometimes we need a reminder of the good in the world after a horrible time like this, so be sure to check out the video below!