People Noticed A 'Dead' Horse In A Field, Moments Later The Owner Reveals The Truth And No One Can Stop Laughing

August 23, 2017

It is safe to say that every animal on the planet has some sort of ridiculous and often hysterical habit that they keep concealed from most of the world. So, when someone is able to capture it on film, it makes everyone's day so much brighter when they see it. Whether it is a dubious dog sneaking food in a covert manner or a parrot who had long conversations with itself when no one is home, animals can keep us laughing all day if we catch them in the act. One animal that is often not thought about in such a way is the horse and the horse in this story had a habit that was so hysterical, you could say it "knocked people dead."

One afternoon, an electrician was working out in the country near a local field. The field was filled with cows and other animals but as the electrician looked closer, he saw something that made his heart drop. A small horse was flipped over on its back, apparently, dead. The electrician happened to know who the horse belonged to and called her up to deliver the bad news. To his surprise, the woman only seemed comically annoyed by the news of her small horse's demise. She informed the electrician that she was on her way to the scene and told him to wait for her. The electrician was confused but waited all the same. The woman soon arrived and informed the electrician that her horse was not dead at all. The electrician looked at the horse again. He sure looked dead.

The woman yelled at the horse, named Pinto from her car, telling him to get up and stop messing around. The horse stayed where he was and the electrician thought his point had been proven. Then the horse's leg extended very slowly but he still refused to get up. Finally, after much scolding and a few stones were thrown on the ground near him, Pinto arose and trotted off. Apparently, the horse had a ridiculous habit of playing dead, every single day. The woman informed the electrician that he was by no means the first person to call her in concern for the horse. The two had a good laugh about it and thank goodness the camera was rolling to capture the hysterical footage which you can see in the video below!

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