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People Were Shocked To See The Animal They Chose To Adopt. When You See Him, You’ll Wish He Were Yours

February 20, 2018

It’s always an exciting time when you decide to add a pet to the family. There are always a few general rules to consider: will this animal fit into our day-to-day routine and still get adequate care? Is this a pet that will find a forever home with us? Do we have the living arrangements suitable for a pet?

When it came time for one couple, Alexandr and Mariya Dmitriev, to add a new fur baby to the family, no one could have predicted what kind they’d get. Needless to say, he’s a lap full - and then some!

Meet Messi, a two-year-old cougar who is the newest (and largest) member of the Dmitriev family. Alexandr and Mariya first met Messi and a petting zoo. From the moment they saw him, they knew he was destined to be part of the family.

“The first time we saw him in the zoo, I think we both had the same feeling towards this animal. It was so exciting; there was such tenderness - it’s like something that’s impossible to grasp, but it was very strong. He’s an amazing cat,” Mariya said in an interview.

He has a few health issues that have hindered his growth, so, fully grown, he’s about half of the size an average cougar would be. Messi doesn’t let his size stop him, though! In his new living arrangement, his smaller size worked in his favor.

He now resides with his family in a small studio apartment. He has one smaller sibling, a little sphynx cat who he simply adores. He lives the life as any cat would and has been the missing piece of the puzzle for this family. Check out the video, below, to learn more about Messi and his life!


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