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Perla Was Abandoned On The Streets When She Could No Longer Produce Puppies To Sell

January 15, 2018

It’s a sad truth that in today’s world, dogs are often viewed as nothing more than property. With that viewpoint, it’s no surprise that so many people breed them and sell the puppies for profit, not caring about their dogs or the puppies. These backyard breeders give a horrible name to all breeders with their lack of care or even basic human decency.

When Hope For Paws heard about a Labrador Retriever, whom they would later name Perla, who had been abandoned on the side of the road, they raced to help her. From the first moment that they spotted her running, the depressing truth was evident. She’d had many litters of puppies throughout her life, and at her age, she was not likely to be able to have many more.

When they first spotted Perla sleeping on the sidewalk, they tried to sneak up on the sleeping pup. Right when they got the snare leash around her, she awoke and made a run for it. There had been a fence between the sleeping pup and the rescuers, so they were unable to maneuver the leash like they had wanted.

After a long chase, Perla dove into someone’s yard, and they were able to shut the gate, trapping Perla. One of the rescuers, Lisa, explained to the homeowners what was happening and she was more than happy to help in any way she could. Perla had taken shelter under a trailer in their yard and lay there, quietly shaking as she awaited her fate, uncertainty creeping through her.

Luckily for Perla, her fate was to be a beloved family pet! They managed to get the leash around her neck in no time, and once they got her back to her car (after a short jaunt in a kind samaritan’s car back to the rescue vehicle) they scanned her for a microchip. Unsurprisingly, there was no microchip to be found.

When the veterinarians cleared her health, she was placed in a foster home through Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue. It wasn’t long before the sweet and loving girl found her perfect forever home. We’re sure that her life from here on out is sure to be full of love, life, and happiness!