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Personal Footage and Raw Voice Recordings of Princess Diana

December 20, 2017

Princess Diana was one of the most fascinating people to have ever lived. Now, 20 years after her tragic death, the beloved princess is still making headlines.

Recently one documentary, "Diana: In Her Own Words," is capturing the hearts of the world all over again. While there have been several documentaries created in honor of the late princess, there has never been a documentary like this.

This documentary stands out above every other due to one very special element. It is done almost entirely in Princess Di’s own voice. Literally.

The entire documentary is narrated by her!

You might be familiar with the best-selling biography "Diana: Her True Story: In Her Own Words" - the biography that was written by Royal journalist Andrew Morton in 1992. Many people, especially the Royals, scoffed at the autobiography since it shared multiple family secrets. In fact, there were several people who claimed that the story was all fake. After all, how could Morton get such private content regarding the ever-secure Royals?

The most astonishing part is that the stories and pieces in the biography weren’t just shared by anyone, they were actually shared by Princess Diana herself. You see, Morton and Diana had devised a very secretive plan for sharing her experience as a member of the Royal Family; every week, Diana would meet with Morton's colleague and friend. Together, in the privacy of her home, the Princess would share heartbreaking secrets with Morton's colleague while a tape recorder sat between them.

Millions have been shocked at hearing the Princess' own voice throughout the documentary. She shares her thoughts freely regarding some of the darkest times of her life - being exploited by the tabloids, being cheated on by her husband with his best friend, Camilla Parker Bowles, her hidden eating disorders, and her mental health concerns.

The documentary has such an element of truth to it; with rumors having swirled around Princess Diana for her entire time in the spotlight, she finally puts to rest so many scandals while championing only the truth.

The honorable documentary, "Diana: In Her Own Words" is available on The National Geographic channel and on the online streaming service, Netflix. It’s just under two hours and is full of authentic sentiments and photos from the princess’ life.