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Pet Groomer Unlocks Her Salon In The Middle Of The Night To Give Homeless Dog A Haircut. 3 Hours Later She Breaks Down In Tears

November 06, 2017

I’m a pet-lover, and if there’s one thing that I wish I could do, I wish I could have my own shelter for every stray animal in the world. Nothing breaks my heart quite like knowing that there are neglected animals roaming the streets without shelter and food.

Late one night, a Florida couple was driving down the street when they saw something move off in the distance. At first, they thought it was a pile of clothes and trash, but as they drove closer and were able to shine their lights upon it, they noticed that it was an animal. They slowly drove up and, upon closer inspection, confirmed that it was a dog.

They stopped the car and called for the pup to come to them, but it seemed to not hear them. That’s when the husband got out of the car and slowly approached him. As he got closer, he was shocked to see a horrific-looking dog. Finally, the stray walked toward him and, as he did, the man’s heart broke. He was able to lure him into the car and feed him and give him water. His wife then snapped a picture of the dog and shared to Facebook saying, “Help! We just found this dog on the side of the road."

Within minutes, someone had responded to the post, and it just so happened to be the perfect person who could have replied. Local animal salon owner, Kari Falla, immediately sent a message to the couple. She shared that she owned a salon and could there at in 15 minutes.

It was a quarter past midnight when the three adults finally met-up at the salon. When the couple brought the dog in, Kari was speechless. She had never seen or smelled anything like that in her life. She got started on the dog right away, although she was terrified that he wouldn’t make it, and shared her concerns with the couple, “When a dog is matted that badly, it can cause its blood flow to stop as well as bruising to the dog.”

Finally, at 3:30 in the morning, the haircut was over. Kari stepped back to check out the pup and immediately started crying. She was so overwhelmed at the dog’s condition and so grateful to be apart of the healing process. The poor pup had lost over 20 pounds of fur!

Kari decided to name him Lucky - a name that fits perfectly. After his haircut, she rushed him over to the animal shelter where he was given the medical care that he needed. After a couple of days, Lucky was placed in foster care where is now awaiting his forever home! If you’re near Oviedo, Florida, look Lucky up for a chance to become his new family!

We are so grateful for stories like this, that showcase selfless acts of love and compassion toward stray animals! Thank you to Kari and the anonymous couple that took Lucky in. Lucky, we wish you nothing but a beautiful life!

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