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Music Legend Phil Spector’s Ex-Wife Finally Breaks Her Silence On His Bizarre Secret Life; After All This Time, She’s Still Horrified

November 28, 2018

When Veronica “Ronnie” Bennet was 20 years old, she and her two sisters, Estelle and Nedra, had big dreams of making it in the music industry. Together, they formed The Ronnettes. The Ronnettes became International sensations with their songs, "Be My Baby," "Baby, I Love You," and "The Best Part of Breakin' Up.”

But The Ronnettes were’ always successful. Before they were a dynamic group in the 1960s, they were three struggling sisters eager to make their music heard. That’s when major music legend, Phil Spector, came along.

Phil was known for his massively successful resume of musicians. Known initially from own musical group, The Teddy Bears, Phil gained recognition into the music industry after creating a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. After several attempts at creating his own music, Phil began working as a producer for other artists. It was there that his true influence was found.

In 1963, Phil was introduced to The Ronnettes. He worked with them to release their first major hit, “Be My Baby.” The success of “Be My Baby” was thrilling to Phil and The Ronettes, and he and Ronnie began a romantic relationship. Together, they had tremendous success. But while their relationship seemed to be a thriving dream come true, it was secretly a nightmare of abuse and manipulation.

Phil and Ronnie married in 1968. The Ronnettes feel apart shortly after and Ronnie found herself a prisoner t her husband. It was during her solo album attempt that Phil held his new bride a “virtual prisoner” in their Beverly Hills home. She wasn’t allowed to leave her home more than once a month for feminine products, and she was gone for longer than 20 minutes, Phil would send a guard.

Ronnie survived their marriage for eight dreadful years. Today, Ronnie has finally found the courage to tell the truth about their abusive marriage and Phil’s bizarre abuse towards her and their adopted children.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Ronnie revealed that Phil was “emotionally abusive and kept her as a captive in the mansion with five servants.” She quickly learned to keep quiet in their marriage and would go weeks without talking to him. However, their lack of communication welcomed its own set of surprises.


One day, while Ronnie and Phil were returning home, they pulled into their driveway where Ronnie saw two little boys running around outside. Stunned, Ronnie asked, “What’s this?” to which Phil casually replied, “Merry Christmas.” Ronnie then learned that Phil had secretly adopted twins without every mentioning it his wife.


Ronnie felt trapped in her marriage to Phil. Given his immense notoriety, it felt difficult for her to free herself from the bizarre marriage. But thankfully, her mother, Beatrice, made her way back in Ronnie’s life and together the two devised a plan to break free from her deranged husband. Ronnie recalls her mother saying, “She said, ‘I’m your mother and I’m telling you, we gotta get out of here. Or you, my little girl, are going to be gone.'”


Beatrice and Ronnie fled and moved to New York where Ronnie was able to get a fresh start. She divorced Phil in 1976. Tragically, Beatrice was right- in 2003, Phil was convicted of murdering actress, Lana Clarkson.

Today, more than a decade later, Ronnie breaks her silence on the tragedy of her marriage but praises her mother’s relentless pursuit to free her. In a recent story by PEOPLE, Ronnie reveals, “It was so dark back in those days. Now I feel free now to be able to tell other women. Maybe not every woman will listen to me, but some will and I [hope] I can get one or two to save their [own] lives or save them from getting abused.” Thank God had her mother to help free her.

Today, Ronnie is married to another music producer, Jonathan Greenfield. At 75-years-old, Ronnie is reunited with her sisters and The Ronnettes are back together. By early 2019, they Ronnettes will begin touring together again!

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