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Watch: When Bride’s Pushy Stepmom Keeps Getting In The Way Of Her Shots, Feisty Wedding Photog Strikes Back - Literally

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October 10, 2018

Everyone knows that swellings are stressful. And one of the most nerve-racking jobs is that of the professional photographer who has been hired to get just the right shots of all the one-of-a-kind moments throughout the momentous day. And most well-mannered wedding guest knows the one, inviolable, unwritten rule: NEVER get in the way of the professional!

But one stepmother learned the hard way what happens when you break that rule. And the unforgettable moment she was called out on her rude behavior has taken the internet by storm.

When Kentucky lovebirds, Joshua and Lorna Gantt wed in a romantic, rustic ceremony held in a converted barn, they almost lost, forever, one iconic photo - thanks to a pushy stepmother who decided that SHE, not the hired pro, should have the prime spot for snapping the coveted pic.


But wedding photographer Ashley Easterling was not going to sit idly by and lose the priceless shot forever, and her unapologetic response was not only caught on video but also shared online for all the world to see.

Just when the newlyweds were all set to seal their union with a kiss, Easterling moved in to frame the perfect shot, as requested by the bride and groom. That’s when Ashley’s stepmother decided that she should step in front of the pro to record the moment with her cell phone.

Wedding guest Trenton Ray Hensley, a guest at the September 8th wedding, was stunned by the cheeky move and captured the unbelievable footage. Since posting it online, Hensley's video has gone viral.

Hensley describes the scene: "The stepmother got out of her seat to take photos of the bride and groom but kept getting in the photographer's way. So the photographer finally shoved her out of the way with a grand shoulder bump." He says he doesn't blame Easterling one bit, either.

“If you're at an event and see a paid photographer please keep in mind your phone won't get a better shot than what their camera will. Remember they've been paid to do a job, not us,” Hensley added.


Easterling shares that she had asked the stepmom several times to stay out of the way, but woman rudely continued blocking the pro’s shots. That’s when she had to take bold action to save the day.

In light of all the recent publicity her brazen move has garnered on the internet, Easterling makes one urgent plea to all wedding guests. “My hope is that people see this and realize that it's not about them, it's not about me or whatever photographer is shooting a wedding, but about the bride and groom.

“They hired a professional for a reason. Please have respect for the bride and groom and the photographer. The photographer is there to do a job and they were hired by the people there that matter the most that day. The Bride and Groom,” Easterling commented. Amen!!

Do you think her step mum got the message?? I sure hope so!

Watch the video, below, and decide for yourself if her actions were warranted or out of line.

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