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Photographer Spills Private Details From Prince Harry And Meghan’s Engagement Shoot. He Still Can't Get Over What They Said To Him During The Shoot

April 17, 2018

Alexi Lubomirski is quickly becoming one of the world’s most well-known photographers, although less than 5 months ago, nearly no one knew his name. So, what changed?

Alexi was the chosen photographer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement photos. Before that, he was a low-profile photographer who had dreams to make it big one day. Until Meghan and Prince Harry gave him a huge break.

Alexi was thrilled to be the photographer chosen to capture their love for their engagement photos. Never having met either Prince Harry or Meghan, Alexi was somewhat intimidated by their big names, nevertheless, he was up for the task.

While shooting their photos, Alexi learned very that Prince Harry and Meghan were very different from what he thought they’d be like. He had feared that with their platform, and their status, they might be snooty and short. But they were quite the opposite!

Alexi dished that the couple were very obviously in love and had nothing but the utmost respect for one another, but that they were some of the most genuine and friendly individuals he’d ever worked with!

The pair hit it off big time with Alexi, so much so that they asked if he would like to join them for their wedding! Alexi was shocked! Presidents and world leaders weren’t being invited to the wedding, so he was absolutely blown away to be invited only after meeting them one time!

Alexi was thrilled to have worked with the couple and is shocked that a simple reference went such a long way! Not only has be now become one of the world’s most well-known photographers, but he’s and his wife now have an invitation to the wedding of the century!

Have you seen the royal groom and bride’s engagement photos? They are simply stunning!


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