Pi Was Tortured And Abused As A Stray. Luckily, A Rescue Stepped In To Find Her The Home She Deserved

November 21, 2017

Sweetie Pie is a gorgeous black-and-white Lab and Terrier mix who lives with her adoring family in Edmonton, Canada. She loves to race around, chasing after her favorite ball toy whenever she can. When she experienced her first snow, she wasn’t quite sure what she thought about the white powdery stuff, but it seems she’s now come to love it!

While Sweetie Pie, or Pi as her friends know her, is living the good life up in Canada, it’s clear it wasn’t always so! The first few years of Pi’s life were spent in another country! Pi was born and raised in Mexico before she was brought to Canada by Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation, or WHARF for short.

WHARF volunteers found Pi wandering the streets, alone, terrified, and starving to death. She’d suffered a horrible injury. They’re not sure what caused it, but they were left with no choice but to remove her eye. Luckily, it doesn’t seem like this brave pup is missing her eye too much!

When WHARF saved her, she was terrified of life. They can only imagine everything this loving and playful pup had to endure at the hands of people who viewed her as only a pest and something they hoped would disappear. Even more puzzling was her intense fear of water, leaving volunteers with the worry that someone had tried to drown her as a young puppy, a common occurrence in small villages when a litter of puppies is not wanted.

Luckily for Pi, she was saved and given a chance for a great life! When WHARF listed her for adoption on their site, it was love at first sight for her future forever family! They immediately put in the application, and once they got her home, they knew they were meant to be together forever.

Pi’s family can’t imagine life without her, and they don’t want to. This pup who was once terrified of everyone and everything is now a happy and outgoing family pet who loves to meet new people. She’s overcome her fear of water and now loves to splash in streams every chance she gets, no longer fearing the worst. She loves to run and play with her canine friends too, every chance she gets! Pi is the best rescue dog her family could ever wish for, and we’re glad she got the best home she could ever hope for!

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