Pianist Sarper's Cats Love His Music, But One Special Kitty Isn't Content To Just Listen

October 31, 2017

There is a certain man on Instagram that people from all over the world follow. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey and, although many of his posts are in Turkish and we have no idea what he is saying, we still love him! Sarper Duman has two passions in life; his favorite things are music and our favorite fluffballs-cats!

Sarper lives with 11 rescue cats, one of which is blind. He is passionate about saving the cats and dogs that try to survive on the streets of Istanbul. He has started a fundraising page, to help provide food and pay for many medical expenses of animals without owners.

Sarper, a musician, is a skilled pianist and singer. One of his biggest fans lives with him, is covered in fur, and seems to have a love of music too, especially when it is being played by his human. When Sarper plays his keyboard at home, Piano Cat is right there with him, sitting on his lap.

Piano Cat is so content listening to his person play, that he often drifts to sleep as the music softly continues. Many commenters say that, when they play his music for their feisty felines, they fall into a peaceful slumber, too. It appears as though Sarper may indeed be a cat whisperer!

Recently, Piano Cat has decided to play a more active role and not just sleep while Sarper plays; he accompanies his talented human on the piano. Sarper jokes that he is working on a Pianist Cat album. It is clear that Piano Cat loves his musical person, and shows him by interrupting his work to give him snuggles and kisses! Enjoy this sweet video!

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