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Pick Up A Bag Of Fake Fall Leaves And Make This Jaw-Dropping Decor For Your Home

September 27, 2017

Hallelujah! It's Fall, y'all! Now that the weather is feeling a little cooler, it's prime time for heading indoors for some Autumn crafting. It's always exciting to put a personal twist on your home decor, so why not kick things off with a simple yet glamorous DIY?

It's amazing what a little time and effort can accomplish, and this bowl is perfect proof of that. All you'll need for this seasonally appropriate DIY is artificial Autumn leaves, a large bowl, gold spray paint, craft glue, a small jar, a sponge brush, clear plastic wrap, and painter's tape.

Place the large bowl upside down and cover with plastic wrap. Brush on the glue with a sponge paintbrush.

Add fake leaves to the glue and brush a top layer on each to ensure that they stick well.

Continue this until the entire bowl is covered with leaves and a generous amount of glue. Top the leaves with another layer of plastic wrap. Set aside to dry completely.

Check out the following page to see the rest of the steps and the completed project. It's gorgeous and adds the perfect amount of Fall classiness to any room!

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