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Picky Dog Refuses To Eat Her Food Until Her Owner Does This. So Hilarious

August 15, 2017


We all can be a little finicky some times. And we all know those kids that can be beyond finicky, especially when it comes to their food. Some kids don't like it when their food touches, or hate the crust or don't like anything new. But I have never heard of a dog that is picky with their food. My dog will eat any and everything. Luna, the golden retriever in this story, is a picky eater. If you looked up the definition of 'picky eater' you would find her name by it.  


Her owner gives her a bowl of dry food and she will have nothing to do with it until he 'cooks it.' So he takes the bowl of food and puts it in the oven. Doesn't turn on the oven but does turn on the light. He then sets the timer for 1 minute and Luna waits eagerly for her food to be done. As the timer goes off, Luna gets even more excited for her cooked food because now it's time to eat. 

Her owner sets the food on the ground and Luna begins to scarf it up. He successfully tricked her into believing he cooked it. Clearly, she watches her owners cook their food and she doesn't want to be left, can you blame her? Watch this hilarious video below.

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