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Everyone Was Thinking It But No One Said Anything…Until Now - Pippa Middleton Facing Harsh Criticism For Questionable Decision

August 09, 2018

Being the little sister of one of the most admired and beloved ladies in the world cannot be easy. Yet Pippa Middleton is taking the public by storm in her own right, no longer standing is Kate's shadow.

Expecting her first child in the fall, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sibling is making a name for herself with her choices in maternity wear, and in the process is stirring up all kinds of opinions. But, surprisingly, not everyone agrees on the topic.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William of Wales in 2011, the bride, of course, was the star of the show. But not far behind in popularity was Maid-of-Honor Pippa Middleton.

Wearing a sleek white sheath with a body-hugging silhouette, Ms. Middleton caused people to sit up and take notice.

Comments were flattering, commending her trim figure and impeccable sense of style. And ever since, Pippa has attracted the attention of the press with whatever she chooses to wear.

Happily married to James Matthews since 2017, Pippa is now well into her second trimester of her pregnancy. No longer worthwhile to attempt to conceal her growing baby bump, Pippa has embraced her expanding girth with enthusiasm.

Now that her style shifted over to the maternity line, Mrs. Matthews has been raising a lot of eyebrows with what some might say are questionable fashion selections.

For the most part, her ensembles have been stunning and very fashionable but once in a while, she has been spotted wearing something that causes us to question her style sense.

“She’s used to turning heads, but Pippa Middleton’s latest look has divided self-declared fashion critics around the world.” The garb in question? The pale blue, button-up, wide-colored one-piece dress that seemed to do nothing for her appearance.

Not only was the color ‘blah’ but it also seemed to hang awkwardly as it fell along the new curves of her body.

“The 34-year-old socialite, who’s pregnant with her first child, attended the christening of her baby nephew Prince Louis on Monday and dressed up for the occasion in a powder-blue dress by London-based designer Alessandra Rich.

“Pinched in at the waist and with a pleated drop skirt, the dress skimmed over the smallest hint of her growing baby bump and finished just below the knee. In typical 1940s fashion, it also featured a large collar and bold satin cuffs.

Given the prestigious royal event it was, Pippa also accessorized with a matching blue hat, clutch, and towering Jimmy Choo heels with a delicate strap around the ankle.”

It sounds good on paper, but the overall effect was less-than-sunning. And social media users were not shy about sharing their opinions, calling her vintage outfit choice “hideous.”

“While I’m no fashionista, those dresses are absolutely hideous. Did they borrow them from the Queen?” one commentator wrote. Yikes!! Another added: “This fashion might have been hot in [the] 1800’s.” And a third wrote: “That looks horrible and ill fitting.” Poor Pippa…

Thankfully, not all fans felt that way and had much kinder words for the mom-to-be.

“She looks good. Love the dress. I love pleats,” one wrote. Another follower chimed in, “I love her outfit, she looks so good!”

Why would she be so ‘hit-and-miss’ with her fashion? Well, you could chalk it up to ‘pregnancy brain’ or you could take a more practical approach to explain the disconnect.

Maybe the truth is that Kate’s little sis is just trying to figure out what looks best on a body shape that she has never possessed before.

Trying to dress your body that has suddenly taken on completely foreign proportions is a real challenge. Can’t first-time moms be given a little slack until they figure it out?

In Pippa's defense, she HAS been doing a little better of late. And really, the smile on her face is the only accessory that matters. As long as she is happy and feels comfortable in what she is wearing, who are we to throw stones?

And, if need be, she does have a handy resource that she can always consult when she is at a loss for what to wear: her big sister Kate, who has beautifully sailed through three pregnancies, looking chic and stunning at every turn.


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