Pit bull, Buddha Found Injured Bleeding And Roaming The Streets. Rescuers Inch Their Way To His Side. Watch His Face Transform!

August 11, 2017

If you’re anything like me, your heart aches every time you see a stray dog.  You wish you could help him or her and if you had a magic wand you would use it to transport the lost dog to his rightful owners or new forever home.  Thankfully, we have an organization like Hope For Paws, who serve, protect and put their lives in dangerous circumstances to protect these abandoned, lost and neglected fur babies. They not only remove these dogs from unwanted circumstances but they do everything in their might to turn their lives upside down for the better.


Buddha was one of those lost souls that Hope For Paws received a call about.  This massive pit was lost, wandering the streets, with an injured and bleeding shoulder. Buddha was in a panic at the sign of people and as the rescuers arrived at the scene you can hear a lady in the distance say, “I don’t think he likes guys.”  I can imagine that would cause some uneasiness to whoever was there to rescue him. 



Fortunately for the rescuers, it wasn't their first rodeo and they have witnessed scared behavior in dogs before.  They know the number one thing they can give this big boy is time. Little by little they inch their way over to Buddha who is up against a trash can and a chain link fence.  Through it all, the male rescuer speaks kindly and patiently to the scared pit.  


Thankfully, Buddha only shows signs of fear as if to say, “Can I really trust you.” When the rescuer is finally arm distance away, out comes the secret weapon, a cheeseburger!  As they say, “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.” Definitely a true statement for Buddha.   



With food more patience and allowing Buddha to take his sweet time he finally trusts the rescuer enough to wrap a leash around his head, walk him out of the yard slowly and lead him to the car.  You would think at this point they would open the back trunk of the SUV and load him into a kennel.  You’re going to be surprised at the overall outcome, steps that follow and progress that is made.


Buddha just needed a kind willing heart to show him that everything was going to be ok and that he was loved.  The rescuers trusted him enough by loading him into the front seat of the car where Buddha leans against the driver as if to say, “It’s all over, I’m safe.”  He is safe and the feeling of being lost, fearful and alone are memories in the past.  Trusting, being loved and loving in return are now his beautiful reality! Watch the video to see the full progression of love enter Buddha’s life.