Pit Bull Loses Ears to Neglect. Discover How This Senior Dog Finds Her Happy Ending

October 06, 2017

Nana, an elderly Pit Bull, had a very unfortunate start to her life. After being bred over a dozen times, her owners decided to abandon her at a local shelter. To make matters worse, Nana's ears were extremely infected from a botched cropping job. Due to her age and circumstances, Nana’s chances of being adopted were very slim. Destiny, however, had different plans for this doggie, so get ready, it's a beautiful story with one incredibly happy ending.

One fine day a woman walks into the shelter and notices this pitiful-looking dog. She is completely smitten with Nana and makes up her mind, right then and there, that she’s not leaving without this sweet gal. The moment Nana’s ‘future forever-mom’ picks her up, love begins to develop in this precious doggie's heart. Nana wraps her arms around her new mom, and both lives are forever changed. She now spends her days alongside her owner, lying on her lap, traveling, going on walks, snuggling, and enjoying each other's company. Her once-dark world is now bright and full of tender loving care. She lounges around like a little princess and now lives a life of luxury with her new loving mom.

Nana sets a great example of how fun-loving senior dogs can be, especially when given a second chance in life. They can bring such abundant joy into our lives even at their ripe old age. Plus, from experience, I know that Pit Bull's are excellent family pets. So the next time you're looking for a fur baby to adopt, keep your eyes peeled. You, too, could find your very own loveable senior dog just like Nana.
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