Pit Bull Next On List To Be Euthanized. Watch How This Incredibly Sad Season Turns Into A Beautiful Life With Extreme Adventure

October 04, 2017

The beginning stages of Penni's life were heartbreaking. Living the first year in a basement and then being left homeless on the streets of the Bronx, this powerless canine was in the depths of despair. The police came across the wandering pup and immediately transported her to a local pound, but nobody came to claim this poor Pit Bull. Being next on the list to be euthanized, Penni was in desperate need of a miracle.

When a rescue group came across this sweet girl, Penni's life started to change for the better. After being adopted into a loving family, this fun-loving canine began living her brand new life. She now has a forever family that adores her and includes her in all aspects of their life, especially their outdoor adventures. These outdoor activities are not your ordinary walks or hikes; these are extreme events that require a climbing harness, piggyback rides, scaling boulders, and jumping streams, all the while enjoying stunning waterfalls, fresh, clean air, and making a lifetime of memories together.

This Pit Bull is never afraid, and she is always up for the challenge. Penni trusts, she loves, and she lives life to the fullest. It’s a lovely reminder for all of us - it doesn't matter where you've been in life, but what’s important is where you plan on going. The sun will come out when you continue to charge forward through everything that life throws your way. New opportunities can arise that surpass your wildest dreams. You will see just that in this video starring Penni, the brave, adventurous Pit Bull.

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