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Pit Bull Puppy Hangs On For Dear Life And Miraculously Recovers. When You Watch His Reunion With His Dad You Will Cry Tears Of Joy!

October 11, 2017

Mojo, a Pit Bull puppy, was starving to death and extremely sick. In need of a miracle, the puppy was hanging on for dear life. Someone needed to act quickly if this powerless canine was going to survive the horrible state he was in.

When all hope seemed lost, a man found out about this sick pup and responded right in the nick of time, convincing the dog’s owner to surrender him. Losing no time, he transported the declining dog to the vet where he knew they would do whatever they could to save the ailing animal.

Usually, when you rescue or adopt a puppy you look forward to the early days which usually involve bonding and getting to know each other. That kind of beginning was not in the cards for the man and pup in this story. With only hours to live for the doggie, the man must leave the declining pup’s fate in the hands of the veterinarians.

As time goes on, the vets and staff begin to see improvements in Mojo's health and overall demeanor. With Mojo continuing to recover like a champ, they call the owner and give him the good news: Mojo is finally ready to go home.

The man walks into the clinic and makes his way to the examination room where his healthy Mojo is sitting. One might question if the pup will even recognize the man since their bonding time, up to this point, has been minimal. The question is quickly answered as Mojo locks eyes on the man walking his way. He recognizes the individual as not only his owner but also the fabulous man and hero who saved his life.

The pup can not contain his excitement, as his little body begins to explode with joy. The two embrace each other while giving hugs, kisses, and it doesn't stop there; Mojo even begins to play! It’s a beautiful sight to see, and the bonding time that they've both been looking forward to can now begin. After watching this video, you'll be convinced that a dog never forgets his rescuer!

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