Pit Bull, Shortcake, Found Wondering Lost On The Streets. Discover The One Thing She Wore That Saved Her Life!

August 10, 2017

This story is the perfect example of Anthony J.  D’Angelo quote, “Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.”  Even though Shortcake was lost, alone, wandering the streets with a severe case of mange and a hernia, Lady Shortcake continued to do one thing and that was smiling all the time.  The poor state that she was in did not affect her demeanor or will to survive and luckily when she was finally removed from the streets she still had the ability to flash her precious smile to the rescuers.


When Shortcake’s forever mom saw a picture of her big smile she immediately wanted to meet her in person.  She drove several hours just to meet her and the moment they locked smiles she knew right away that she wanted to be Shortcake’s forever mom.  What she did not realize was how Shortcakes contagious smile would encourage and inspire people along the way.  This was the beginning of a great life together!


Shortcake’s life was completely transformed and now she lives her days, cuddling, playing with the neighbor boy and going to work with her forever mom, where she has the opportunity to smile and brighten the day of anyone she meets.  She now has a permanent place she can lay her head with a life full of constant love and happiness. Her smile unlocked everyone’s heart and gave her a future to succeed. If there’s one thing we can learn from Lady Shortcake it’s this, whatever you're going through, always choose to wear your smile! You never know who you will meet and whose heart you will unlock along the way.


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