Pit Bull Was Wandering Homeless In Downtown Los Angeles. With Cuts, Scrapes, And A Shattered Past, You Will Be Shocked How This Rescue Takes An Unexpected Turn

February 22, 2018

Abandoned, lost, or homeless dogs are, unfortunately, stories that we hear all too often. Thankfully, there are incredible organizations like Hope For Paws who are known for jumping into action to save these incredible beloved creatures, whom we call "Mans best friend.”

One afternoon, Hope For Paws received a call that a pit bull was homeless and wandering the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. Losing no time, rescuers head out in search for this lost dog. As they arrive at the scene, little did they know that this rescue was going to be a bit different than many they've had to face in the past. In many cases abandoned or abused dogs will run away, show aggression, and want nothing to do with people but this large pit bull, who they eventually name Brutus, proved to them that not all cases are the same.

As they approach the large homeless canine, immediately they notice this brown and white pit is scared and in desperate need of help. Even thru the cuts and overall unhealthy appearance, it becomes very apparent that this dog truly wants to be loved. Instead of running for the hills, he stands there looking at the rescuers while occasionally wagging his tail. He does not let his wall down completely though and cautiously walks around the corner into an enclosed outside parking lot.

The rescuers begin to lure him in with pieces of food. Tossing a few his way, the plan to win his love through his stomach starts to work. The wagging of his tail begins to grow with even more excitement, and it's at this point that the rescuer walks slowly towards the once fearful pit bull.

He does not run away and still shows no signs of aggression. Before you know it, he's eating directly out of one of the rescuer’s hands. He is one happy canine, and it's at this moment a bond begins to form between the dog and rescuer.


As the rescuers get closer to Brutus, the cuts and scrapes become more apparent. Brutus does not let his horrible past define him, yet embraces both rescuers with open arms. Instead of resisting their love he allows the rescuers to put a leash around his neck. The heart of this once homeless canine immediately melts as he lays his head gently on the lap of his new found hero.

Walking him to the car, Brutus willingly jumps into the front seat, and his new beautiful chapter in life begins. He starts the car ride off by being a big lap dog and giving thankful licks to both rescuers. It's an incredible story of a dog that was once lost but now is found. A beautiful reminder to never give up and to always be willing to open your heart to beautiful new beginnings. We wish Brutus the best of luck in finding his new forever home!


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