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Footage Of Horrific 30+ Car Pileup Due To ‘Polar Vortex’ Blizzard Captured On Video; Families Involved Needing Your Prayers More Than Ever

January 31, 2019

January 2019 is one to remember for many people across the USA. Blistering cold waves have been circulating throughout the country, causing record-setting frigid temperatures even to the point of death for many.


Just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a recent traffic incident turned into national news when a so-called “polar vortex” took place on one of the main interstates, causing a seriously horrific traffic pileup.

This huge accident involved more than 30 vehicles, ranging from semi-trucks to regular sedans. Several individuals happened to catch the catastrophe on video, and the footage is more terrifying than you could ever imagine.

One individual named Dora Jenkins was involved in the crash with her children. “The snow was coming down, the visibility was starting to get bad all at one time. I was just praying at that point because everybody was nervous. I asked God to cover us,” Jenkins told sources.

This accident is one of many that have happened in the area due to the extreme temperatures and snowfall that has negatively affected the visibility and driving conditions.

Another driver named Jake Van Housen was also involved in the crash. He gave his perspective on the accident: “I had the choice, I was either going to hit this dude or I’m going to go off the side into the snow bank.”

While this is certainly not the morning any of these individuals expected to have, we are relieved to know that there have been no reported casualties from the huge pileup. Several individuals were taken via ambulance to get checked out.

Please keep these families in your prayers and they recover, both emotionally and physically, from this tragic turn of events.

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