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Police Conduct Precautionary Search During Arrest. What Greets Them At The Door Has Them Drawing Their Guns In Shock

March 15, 2018

In Willoughby Hills, Ohio, police arrested a man on illegal drug trafficking charges. After the arrest, they prepared for a precautionary home search. But truth be told, they would have never prepared for what they found on the other side of the felon’s door.

The police were preparing to search the home of Robert Watson. He was wanted for probation violations stemming from a federal conviction of drug trafficking. His resume was full or arrests and run-ins with the law.

As the police approached the home, the had no expectations; the house appeared simple on the outside. However, when the opened the door, they were greeted with horror.

The police took one step into the house when they heard a hiss. The hiss was loud and powerful. With the guns drawn, the turned the corner. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing...

In the living room, a large fish tank held one of the most terrifying things they had ever seen: an alligator!

The alligator hissed in anger at the police who were pointing their guns at the beast. As the alligator hissed and growled in pure aggression, the men began to wonder how in the world they would get this alligator out.

Aside from being terrifying, it’s also illegal to own an alligator. According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, several wild animals, including alligators are restricted as pets.

The police called animal protective services and wildlife protective services to have the alligator removed. They filmed their shocking surprise and the footage is absolutely terrifying! What would you do if you walked into this?


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