Police Dog Put His Life On The Line And Was Shot In The Face Point Blank! See How A Marvelous Miracle Transpires And How Things Turned Brighter For This Sweet K9!

August 02, 2017


Law enforcement officers serve and protect this beautiful country every day and some are lucky enough to have a furry best friend to accompany, help, serve and protect alongside them through the thick and the thin even if it means putting themselves in harm's way or being injured in the line of duty!  

 In this heroic story, police dog Bruno, a 7-year-old Sable German Shepard was called to the line of duty during a gun fight.  Obeying his partner's commands and being loyal to the line of duty he chased down the victim which ended with a gun shot to Bruno’s head.  Through the pain and Immense bleeding, he found his way back to his partner's side.  “He never made a sound”. Officer R.J. Young stated.

 Could you imagine seeing your best friend in this situation?  The shock and helplessness you would feel, but also the feeling of wanting to do everything in your grasp to make sure he survived!

Watch heroic Bruno and the leaps and bounds he’s taken, even through the crazy life threatening challenges he was faced with that day and the days to follow.

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