Police Officer Finds Newborn Babies Buried In His Car And The Discovery Is Totally Extraordinary

June 30, 2017

To me, one of the most interesting concepts in nature are nests; mama and daddy animals creating safe places for their babies to rest is so human. Typically, distinguishing animal qualities from human qualities is simple, but when it comes to parenting, it seems like the maternal and paternal genes work just the same.

When I see a nest with baby animals in it, I feel so appreciative of the parents who took the time to create a safe place for their babies. Babies, regardless of the species, are so delicate. They need to be fully protected and without having the strength of their own, mom and dad provide food, shelter, and nourishment. I think it’s beautiful.

One of the most unique components of animal nests is the location; nests can be anywhere, really! While most are found high in trees or tucked away in bushes, almost anywhere is up for grabs in the animal’s world.

Jack, a cop from McHenry County, Illinois, learned that animals really will go to any lengths to create a safe home for their babies.

On a simple day, Jack went to drop of his squad car for the annual service. He dropped off the car and started on his way home. Not long after he left, he received a phone call from the mechanic. The mechanic had found something odd, although he didn’t quite know how to break the news to Jack.

Confused, Jack returned to the garage. The mechanic brought him around his car towards his front passenger tire. That’s when Jack noticed leaves. Lots of leaves. He looked at the leaves, at the mechanic, then back at the leaves in disbelief.

As he leaned in a little closer, he realized that the leaves were very carefully arranged. Getting closer, he realized that the leaves were designed as a nest.

Shocked, he brushed the leaves carefully to make sure he didn’t move whatever was being protected by the bulk greenery. When he finally caught a glimpse of the inside, he gasped in disbelief. There was a nest in his car.

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