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Police Officers Deliver Something Unexpected To People In Need During Their Shifts, Reminding All Of Us To Be Better

March 01, 2018

Police Officers today are unfortunately forced to endure many atrocities. They are despised by a large portion of the population and are often lambasted on the internet for doing nothing more than their very job - protecting us. It seems like no matter what they do they are hated by the general population. Every day, cops are now doing their best to help dispel the myths that surround them, and one cop has found a great way to help out.

One Indianapolis Police Officer known as Jeremy has been able to work with a program called the Gleaner’s Food bag to help people who need it. The Gleaner’s Pantry creates bags of shelf-stable food that can be given to people who need it the most, and ever since one fateful meeting that changed his life, he’s been delivering them to people all over the city who need the help.

It all started for Jeremy when he answered a call where he met a disabled Marine veteran who was trying to raise her family but was in need of some serious help. One of her children was heading off to college, and she was raising her eleven-year-old as well, and they found themselves struggling. That’s when he delivered his very first Gleaner’s bag, and he’s been doing it ever since. Thank you, Officer Jeremy, for your spectacular work and caring attitude.