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Puppy Tortured By Local Townspeople Purely Because Of His Breed, Now He Is Recovering In the Care Of A Tourist

October 30, 2017

Ponyo is a gorgeous sandy-red-colored Andalucian Podenco who lives with his adoring owner in Scotland. He is a beloved family member, and they often dote on their dear pup. He loves to lounge in the sunlight, taking in the feel of the warmth on his fur on the cooler Scotland days. When he isn’t playing with his family, he loves to relax on his plush dog bed.


Ponyo hasn’t always been a cherished family member. In fact, he was actually abused and neglected as a young pup for a rather shocking reason. Ponyo is a Podenco, and in their native homeland of Spain, they often are subjected to horrible treatment by uncaring breeders. Podencos are hunting dogs, and the hunters view them as very expendable. They’re so nonessential to the hunter that they abandon or kill their dogs at the end of hunting season every year. The rationale is that it is cheaper just to buy new dogs the next year than to feed them until then.


Ponyo’s hunter starved him, believing that it would make him more interested in hunting than if he were well-fed. He was left outside, exposed to the elements without a bit of shelter to hide in when the weather turned foul. When he didn’t learn how to hunt fast enough, he was severely beaten. Slowly, Ponyo began to withdraw into himself and become quieter and shyer.


Luckily for Ponyo, he was rescued just before hunting season, putting an end to the hell he was living. Ponyo was rescued with his sister, who was quickly adopted by a loving family. Ponyo suffered side effects of his time with the hunter, making it hard to get adopted.


Ponyo was terrified of people; his entire life he’d been taught that people would hurt him and cause him pain, and he had a difficult time overcoming that. He would shy away from the rescuers, terrified that they too would beat him. Slowly, he began to learn to trust people, and he was finally adopted by his loving family.


Even though Ponyo was forced to suffer horrible atrocities because of his breed, he has been lucky enough to overcome the hand dealt to him. He’s learned to trust his family, and how to relax even during a car ride! It’s safe to say that Ponyo’s future is surely full of love, happiness, and joy for the rest of his life. He’s earned it.


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