You Only Need One Ingredient To Turn A Cheap Cut Of Steak Into A Poor Man’s Filet Mignon

June 08, 2017

In a perfect world, we could all eat filet mignon whenever we would like. It's incredibly juicy and succulent, making any meal instantly feel like you're dining at a five-star restaurant. Unfortunately, we aren't all blessed with an unlimited food budget.

Most of us have a certain amount of money allotted for food and filet mignon doesn't appear frequently in our homecooked meals. When I found a way to make a cheaper cut of steak taste as succulent as a more expensive cut of meat, I was elated!


With this newfound knowledge, I now can make this meal anytime I'd like and feel like I have paid a great deal more for my meat. Even the cheapest cuts of steak can taste delicious by one simple ingredient: coarse sea salt.

This ingredient allows moisture to settle into the tough protein and tenderize the meat. In the video below, Chef Jack Scalfani does a side-by-side comparison of one cheap steak being treated with sea salt and another being cooked without the salt.

The difference is astounding! Watch the video below to see just how he works his magic. Along with this valuable tip, you'll learn a great deal of information on how to properly cook your meat. After trying this method of cooking cheaper forms of steak, I'll never cook it any other way again.

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