Pit Bull Gets Stung By 1000 Bees. But Check Him Out Now, He Is Unrecognizable

September 07, 2017


Meet Stinger! This deaf and abandoned Pit Bull mix puppy ran into some back luck when he came across a hive of bees. He didn't get stung just once or twice, but it's estimated he got stung 1,000 times. Stinger then had a bad reaction to all the bee stings, and his owners dropped him off at an animal clinic.

Unfortunately, that was the last time Stinger saw his owners; they never returned to pick him up. That is when the founder of LuvnPupz, Carri Shipaila, steps in. She runs an animal rescue organization that helps dogs in desperate need, get the help and treatments they need to thrive. Sting is in bad shape when Carri shows up. Not only is he in pain from all the bee stings, but he is also suffering from scabies, a skin disease that is highly contagious. After a thorough examination, they discover he also has an auto-immune disease called Pemphigus and would need daily medication for the rest of his life.

In spite of all he has been through, Stinger continues to be a happy dog. “Stinger is an amazing dog. He loves everyone he meets. He’s the perfect image of how people should see the breed; sweet, funny and full of life,” Shipaila says. Stinger has found a loving, forever home that is able to meet all his medical needs. We are so happy for this little guy! Watch the video, below, of when they first encounter Stinger at the clinic.

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