Poor Rooster Refused to Sleep in the Coop at Night. Then His Owners Realized He Is Being Bullied

January 23, 2017

In the early morning hours at Apricot Lane Farms, before the sun rises and the dew begins to disappear, you can hear the sounds of roosters announcing the new day with as much bravado as possible. You see, roosters were created with a purpose, to protect their flock of helpless hens. When night falls though roosters and hens prefer to nestle down in the safety of their coop because no matter how tough a bird is, it's still just a bird.

One rooster at Apricot Lane Farms named Poodle Roo seemed to have a hard time staying in the coop with his fellow roosters and chickens.

His owners were perplexed by his strange nightly behavior. Every night he would escape the safety of the coop and spend the night in the pasture.

They soon got weary of having to trek out into the pasture each night searching for Poodle Roo and return him back to the safety of the coop.

So they decided to put him in their big red barn. Though it Poodle Roo was safe now, he was still alone. The deeper more concerning question though was, why was he not returning to the safety of the coop? Why would a rooster brave the night in an open field? Poodle Roo had a perfectly safe place filled with others just like him, so why did he avoid it at all costs?


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