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Page 2: Poor Rooster REFUSED to Sleep in the Coop at Night. Soon, His Owners Realized the HEARTBREAKING Reason...

September 18, 2017

One morning after they decided to place him back into the chicken coop, they realized the heartbreaking truth as to why Poodle Roo always escaped. The other roosters and chickens were attacking him! Poodle Roo had been spending the night in the open field to escape his own kind.


He was in bad shape and had lost a lot of blood. All they could do now was pray and keep him warm while they nursed him back to health. Though he survived the ordeal, he was still alone in the big red barn.

Poodle Roo's life wasn't over yet though. He decided to help other animals that showed up in the barn. You see, the barn was a place where hurt animals would go to heal. It was here that Poodle Roo found his purpose... he became the barn nurse.

We're incredibly happy to say that Poodle Roo survived the harrowing occurrence and now, he's the prized possession at Apricot Lane Farms and loved by all the animals. 

Watch this video below to see the whole story of Poodle Roo and how he overcame one of the greatest hardships.

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