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Pre-Schoolers Threatened With Knife By School Administrator

March 15, 2018

Dawn To Dusk Christian Childcare & Learning Center in Plainfield, New Jersey has been brought into the spotlight recently when word spread about how one of their school administrators disciplined two children. The four-year-old children were brought to see 64-year-old Adetokunbo Akinnaso after misbehaving in class, but no one expected the talking-to to happen the way it did. What Akinnaso did next, horrified the parents of all of the students at the school.

Akinnaso began to threaten the children with her knife, waving it around as she yelled at them about what would happen if they continued to misbehave. Luckily, neither of the two children were physically hurt during the incident, although they were terribly frightened. Akinnaso surrendered herself to the police on March 13 and will be in court on April 2.

Akinnaso is facing two charges of cruelty or neglect to a child, and she can receive 18 months in prison if she is convicted. No matter what the children had done, there is surely no reason that they should have ever have been threatened like this. What do you think would be a fitting punishment for someone who would threaten two terrified four-year-olds with a knife?