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Pregnant Cow Goes Into Labor. When Her Owners Walk Up To Assist Her, They Are Astounded At What They See

May 09, 2017

There is nothing sweeter than the arrival of new life. Whether it be animal or human, there is something so enchanting and magical about the first moments of a new one coming into the world. Their tiny features and bright eyes are enough to melt any heart.

For animals, one of the most adorable things is when they learn how to use their legs for the first time. For horses and cattle, they learn within the first day of life how to walk.


They try so hard time and time again to learn to use their long, skinny legs. They wobble and stumble several times and it seems as though they'll never quite get the hang of it.

Before long, they're wobbling around on all fours, able to take steps on their own without falling over. It's quite a feat to master when you're only a day old!

Cattle owners Jimmy and Dora Barling know this magical moment quite well. When you spend day in and day out with cows, you know this to be a frequent occurance.


They were anticipating the birth of a new calf any day and they were very excited! Their heifer named Fifteen was due to give birth any day, so they routinely checked in on her. Jimmy and Dora noticed buzzards circling around the field where Fifteen was staying.

That was enough to cause them to quickly run out and check on their heifer. When they arrived at her side, they were absolutely astounded at what they saw.


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