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Pregnant Dog Neglected And Abandoned. What Rescuers Discover Will Break Your Heart!

September 27, 2017

Abandoned while pregnant, this poor fur baby was malnourished, terrified, full of infection, and paralyzed from her mid-ribcage down. With no use of or feeling in her hind end, and her puppies' lives on the line, Maria fought with every ounce of her being to overcome her devastating circumstance.

When the original owners learned that Maria would need a $3000 C-Section to deliver healthy pups, they decided to abandon her instead. Once rescued, the vets were able to examine her a bit more thoroughly and soon discovered that her health was far worse than they were expecting.

Right away, the vets confirmed that Maria had, indeed, been paralyzed for many months and was also severely anemic from flea infestation. A tragic past that you would hope no sweet fur baby would ever have to endure.

Thanks to the efforts of this rescue team, things started to look up for this darling Dachshund. When the time finally came for Maria to give birth, the vets successfully delivered seven healthy pups via C-Section. This miracle litter was dubbed "The Von Dapp Family": Friedrich, Gretl, Werner, Liesl, Maria, Louisa, Kurt, and Rolfe; Every single one of them arrived healthy, happy, and full of life.

With a lot of Tender Loving Care, things in Maria’s life have brightened considerably. After five months of doggie therapy, Maria is now able to wag her tail, walk, and run. She also has begun to love and trust those around her. Her once dark and depressing life has become full of joy and hope.
Because of the heroic actions of those who cared for this sweet momma and her puppies, Maria has been given a splendid second chance; she’s now living the good life, happy, healthy, and loved. It's a beautiful story. The strength, hope, and courage Maria's displays will leave you in awe! Enjoy the video!

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