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Pregnant Tourist Walks Into The Red Sea For One Reason. Moments Later, An Elderly Man Charges Towards Her With His Arms Stretched Out

March 19, 2018

Never in my life have I came across a story like this. This is full of shock and awe in the very best way. Life is a miracle!

When Mohamed Elsaid was enjoying the day on his outdoor balcony, in Egypt, he noticed something that caught his eye. A young pregnant woman was walking out into the Red Sea for what appeared to be a swim. Only moments later, that woman looked like she was in distress.

After a couple minutes in the water on her own, an elderly man walked towards her. The man was carrying a yellow bucket. He was intrigued by the woman and the older man so he continued watching... 

As Mohamed gazed at the two, he came to the conclusion that the pregnant woman wasn't just going for a swim, she was giving birth!

In shock, he grabbed his camera and began snapping photos. Mohamed captured one of the most unbelievable moments. Only moments after he began snapping pictures, the elderly man emerged from the water holding a newborn.

The woman had just given birth in the Red Sea.

Only moments after the man joined her, he emerged from the Red Sea with the miracle baby. Never had Mohamed seen anything like that in his life. The elderly man had the newborn baby in his hands while another young man (The Daily Mail suggests that the other man is the newborn's father), carried the yellow bucket which contained after birth and the placenta. 

The Daily Mail reported that the woman was believed to have traveled from Russia into Egypt to purposefully deliver her baby in the Red Sea. The man who followed her to the water was a doctor assisting her in the birth. 

Mohamed couldn’t believe what he had just captured. He later showed his niece, Hadia, who shared the remarkable pictures on Facebook. Instantly, the photos went viral. Millions of people are shocked at this Red Sea birth.

Have you ever seen anything like this? I certainly haven’t! What do you think about this?

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