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President And First Lady Heartbroken After Learning Shocking Details About Their 12 Year Old Son. His Family Is Praying 'It Ends Soon'

May 09, 2018

President Trump and First Lady Melania have learned some heartbreaking news about their 12-year-old Barron: he is being severely bullied at school.

Being the family member of a public figure can’t be easy, especially in the day in age. With constant technology and false media being published every day- not to mention the fact that his father his the President of the United States- it can hard to ignore the constant opinions of others.

Barron has been reported to be bullied in the past. When his father became President, millions of unhappy Americans took to social media where they criticized the then 10-year-old’s appearance and sexuality.

Tragically, so many people attacked Barron and forgot that before he was the son of the President, he was also just a young boy.

Sadly, the bullying has only continued since then. Barron goes to a school where he is bullied constantly for by his peers. The Hollywood Life reports that young Barron is getting bullied and facing social reproductions for his “father’s current problems.”

The Hollywood Life goes on to say that Barron’s mom and First Lady, Melania, remains heartbroken for her son. She knows the sad reality of being attacked and it’s absolutely devastating to watch her son go through such mean-spiritedness.

One insider shared that Melania has had a difficult time with her son’s bullying as he’s “regularly teased at school and has a hard time defending his father to his classmates.”

Regardless of personal views and opinions, frustrations should never be taken out on a child. No reports have been lead to suggest Barron being taken out of his current school, but we’re certain that school officials have intervened.

Please pray for Barron as he is just a young boy. No one deserves to be bullied. We hope the bullying ends soon!


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