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President Trump’s Shocking Statement About Kim Kardashian Leaves Millions Stunned And Wondering What Would Make Him Say Such A Thing

June 15, 2018

The world was shocked when reality star Kim Kardashian was granted a private meeting in the Oval Office with sitting President Donald Trump. No one could imagine what in the world the two would have to talk about.

But once the answer to that question became public, the world was suddenly forced to reevaluate their previously-held impression of the beautiful celebrity.

Ms. Kardashian had taken on the cause of Alice Marie Johnson, a great-grandmother who had served 22 years in prison, of a 40-year sentence, for a non-violent drug conviction, and was determined to have her sentence commuted. In order to have that happen, she had to get the President on board. Thus the historic meeting.

According to TMZ, “Alice had no idea who Kim was, but Kim took it upon herself to ultimately end up with Trump in the Oval Office and convince 45 to let her free. He did ... leading to Alice's emotional reunion with her family, which Trump dubbed as a beautiful thing.”

Now, in a strikingly uncharacteristic statement by the famously-confident President, Mr. Trump made it known to the media just who should receive the credit for the great-grandmother’s release.

Instead of taking all the credit as the press had expected he, instead, gave all the props to the starlet who pulled out all the stops in her advocacy for Ms. Johnson.

In a Fox News interview, Mr. Trump explained how he came to meet with Kim Kardashian. “I didn't know her, I met her and she was very nice, I have to say, and very capable, but she came in and she said, ‘this is a very unfair situation.’ I looked at it and I agreed.

“You have drug dealers doing big stuff and they get a two-month sentence, ok? And it was just unfair.”

He then went on to describe the “beautiful scene” of Johnson running to the arms of her family. When the reporter mentioned that Johnson thanked Trump at the time of her release, the president responded in an uncharacteristically modest fashion. “Well, she thanked me but, you know, thank Kim, because [without her] I wouldn’t have known about it.”

It’s times like these that we get a tiny glimpse at another side of Mr. Trump, a side that doesn’t usually come out during the usual media coverage he gets. Is it possible that our President is just a big softy on the inside? Only time - and history - will tell for sure.

To see Alice Marie Johnson’s emotional release from prison, watch the video, below.


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